Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sony Announce Paint Park, A Free App Coming To The PS Vita On 18th April. Announce 2 Other Free Apps

Sony have announced a new Free App is coming to the PS Vita this week. Paint Park is a drawing app that makes use of the front touch screen and both front and back camera's. as well as drawing solo, you can use ad-hoc multiplayer to draw with friends.

 Sony have also announced 2 other free Apps are coming to the PS Vita. Treasure Park lets you create puzzles and challenge friends. it also uses NEAR so you can find puzzles and share your own. Treasure Park is set to come out this Summer. Wake-Up Club, also coming this Summer, turns your PS Vita into an Alarm Clock, but with the added feature that you can sync your alarm with others who set it to the same time.

Source: EU Playstation Blog

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